Discover the real power of nocode, finally.

We believe in nocode for professionals, a nocode built to do a great job. Not templates, but custom designs.

Nocode for pros.

Flutter support

+100 widgets

Back-end integrations


Build your own software without code. Free until you are ready to scale.

Design as fast
as you can think.

Introducing TreeView

Drag&drop works for websites, not complex apps. Therefore, we built a new system to see all the nodes together.

Text and color styles

Manage color styles and typography to create the perfect style for your product.

Reusable components

Teta enables reusable components to manage the design system and increase code quality.

Unlimited possibilities.

100 widgets

2 back-end integrations

multi languages

innovative TreeView


link sharing

design system

50 default actions

advanced animations

dark / light theme

web & native support

publishing method

team management

unlimited apps

Welcome to the future of app development.






more efficient

Teta vs traditional coding

No more $30-80k to validate an idea.

Whether you are a developer, designer, or entrepreneur, you can design and build your own products without having to give up the quality of your brand's design or custom components.

Using Teta - 75% cheaper

Traditional coding

Fast as your mind.

Within Teta, you can make your prototype or Mvp in very little time compared to the traditional method.

Using Teta - 75% faster

Traditional coding

Increase your team efficiency

With real-time cross-platform collaboration you enable your team to produce a product together by having multiple professionals speak the same language.

Using Teta - 75% more efficient

Traditional coding

Teta vs traditional coding

Front-end designing

Teta vs traditional coding

Front-end designing

Manage dynamic data in real-time and easily

Seamless back-end integration


Real-time subscriptions

Say hi to Teta CMS, a content management made for designers and developers.

And share your prototype with anyone within your most used apps such as Whatsapp, Slack, and Discord. Or download and share your QR code.

Connect your apps to any external services.

Use Webhooks and APIs to connect your app with services such Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Trello, etc.

Build and share.
Pretty much everywhere.


App Store

Google Play

Link condivision

Copy and paste a web link

And share your prototype with anyone within your most used apps such as Whatsapp, Slack, and Discord. Or download and share your QR code.

Publish to the stores

You can publish your app to the stores within Teta in just a few minutes. Obviously, App Store and Google Play are supported.

The home
for designers
and developers

Join one of the most important online communities. Ask, retrieve support and talk with others within our media.

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