Navigation Menu

The left-most menu on your Teta project page is called the Navigation Menu. It gives you access to the project’s user interface builder and helps you to navigate to pages for adding project features.

1. Show Menu

The hamburger icon leads you to the Homepage. From here you can navigate to existing projects or manage your projects (create new projects or remove existing projects).

2. Name Project

This panel allows you to modify the name of the Project.

3. Undo

This button allows you to delete the last change done to the document, reverting it to an older state.

4. Change Device

This button allows you to change the size of the preview screen to match the selected device screen dimensions, this helps in visualizing how the app will look on that particular screen size.

5. Pages

This panel lets you create new Pages or Components for your app, from the Components tab. You also have options to delete,ย duplicate and rename a page or a component.ย 

6. Design System

This panel help to streamline the product design process and make it more transparent and predictable. You can create new color styles in the Palette tab and new text styles in the Typography tab. Also in Assets you can upload any image assets that you want to use while building your app. You can also remove any asset that you no longer need.

7. Teta Auth

From this page you can enable/disable authentication for your application directly fromย and see the accounts that have authenticated.

8. Database

The Database section allows you to create, update, or delete a record from a collection directly with Teta.

9. Integration

The integrations offered by Teta are also accessible from this section – Supabase, Google AdMob, and Mapbox.

10. Settings

On this section, you can modify your project name and package name. From here, you can also customize various app settings including launcher icon.

11. Tutorials

In this section you can find several tutorials to best begin your experience on Teta.