We offer two different services: the app builder, and the CMS back-end service.
You can create an unlimited number of projects for free with our UI builder.
Instead, you will pay only for apps that exceed monthly back-end usage.

Teta Builder

only 1.99€ per month for unlimited apps and unlimited downloads.

We introduced the smallest pricing anyone has ever seen for an app builder: only 1,99€ per month, for unlimited apps, unlimited downloads, unlimited support by our team and all the community, and several free templates.

1.99€ includes also:

+150 widegts

+50 default actions

advanced animations

2 back-end integrations

share with a link

publish to the stores

Teta CMS


Perfect for side projects.


/month per app


UI builder

Download source code

Unlimited projects

500 MB Database

Up to 5k users


10k page views per month

Community support


Perfect for freelancers and small apps.


/month per app


Everything included in Starter plan

2 GB Database (1M docs)

Up to 35k users

100k page views per month


Up to 3 point in time

No project pausing

Email support


Scale worldwide with your production app.


/month per app

+ additional usage

Everything included in Dev plan

10 GB Database

Up to 100k users

500k page views per month

E-commerce management

Daily backups


Priority support

Custom plans
for larger teams?

Get in touch on enterprise@teta.so to receive all the information about.

Point in time recovery

Designated support

Email SLA

Log retention

99% Uptime

On Boarding Support


Teta vs other app builders

Our app builder is just free. You can design, prototype, share and download your code for only 1.99€, as long as you use our CMS as a back-end service.