Introducing Teta

Build fully customizable apps.

Faster and advanced MVPs for your business

Build your own software without code, in a few days, on any device.

No more $30-80k to validate an app.

Teta enables companies to test and validate new ideas within days, without paying developers.

75% faster

Prototype with your team. Design, and share with a link.

75% cheaper

You business require advance apps, now you can do them without code.

A full-stack platform for fast and custom no-code software development

Teta is equipped with all the services needed to build fast MVP mobile products in a few days.

UI builder

A low-code builder designed for professionals.


A scalable NoSQL database ready to be flexible in various situations.


Manage your authentication system effortlessly.


See what users are doing with your product. See metrics and events.

Building a good product is hard. Building a great one is even harder.

For this, we built a low-code builder and back-end service designed for developers and professionals, but usable by everyone.

Music app

View source code

Blog app

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Todo app

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Create the app the world will fall in love with.

To build a fast app with external integrations, in just 4 steps:

1. Setup your dynamic collections

Just one click and you are ready. Set up your collections that you want to display from different backends.

2. Design as you are used to

You will discover a simple interface for designing your own apps, as you are already accustomed to doing.

3. Share with a link

Share your prototype/app directly with a web link or qrcode.

4. Export your MVP

You can publish your application directly to the stores. Google Play and the App Store are supported.

All integrations needed to accelerate development.

No-code doesn't mean limited.

NoSQL database

Custom queries


Teta is an all-in-one solution built by developers for developers. You can use our builder to build advanced applications without code or use our back-end services in any application using our Flutter package.

Download your code

Teta allows you to download the source code of your app with a click.

Custom queries

Run custom queries with Ayaya to retrieve data, metrics and insights from your database.

Database policies

Secure your database using policies, also called 'security rules'.

We called ourselves
FlutterTet... just Teta.

Because we are framework-agnostic.

Dart / Flutter

Build your next Flutter app using Teta CMS as back-end.

Typescript (coming soon)

Give superpowers to your website with Teta CMS.

Get started with Teta

Our mission is to enable everyone to make mobile products on any device, saving money and time.